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The big picture
Customerprofile of Ans bussen

For Ans Bussen, WebTour is a key to enhance the daily workflow. That applies to all aspects of the job, from the first contact with customers, booking of transportation, planning a bus trip with timetables for departure- and arrival for the drivers, to the invoicing of trips. Additional, there are many helpful small features.  Susan Andersen highlights the function that allows the backoffice in Lillehøjvej to communicate with the drivers on the road. 

Ans bussen have its origin in Ans, a little town in central Jutland located next to Tange Lake. Here, Susan Andersen’s parents, Herdis and Per Rod, established the business in 1990. Susan and Claus Andersen bought the business in 2000. In 2005 Claus Andersen and Susan Rod started to interest themselves in travels and established Ans-Rejser (Ans-Travels), which Ans-Bussen is driving for.

Dagbladet Børsen (the Danish newspaper Børsen) awarded Ans-Bussen as a Gazelle-company in 2005 and 2006, and in 2007 Ans Bussen was awarded the business award in the Silkeborg region by Business Silkeborg. Today, the bus-company has their office at Lillehøjvej in Silkeborg, where they have been resident for about three years.

Initial situation

Susan Andersen and her husband Claus Andersen are running Ans-Bussen with its 10 luxury coaches. Already in the mid 2000s, the Andersens were aware that modern IT-systems could facilitate administrative tasks and make their days more efficient, beneficial for both customers, partners and their business. This motivated Susan Andersen to join an Advisory Board established by the IT-company that had caught sight of the transport sector – and that today is part of r2p.

r2p's solution

WebTour provides a great overview in relation to route planning, allocation of vehicles and drivers, using icons and colours that make it easily accessible. It gives an comprehensive and paperless flow of information to drivers for each trip.




The WebTour solutions is a modular and customisable software that enables the user to manage a logistics or transport fleet more efficiently. Find out more about WebTour here!

Great freedom and flexibility with WebTour

At Ans Bussen, the tour planning tool WebTour is an important factor to a secure and enhance the workflow, saving time all all way around. According to Susan Andersen, the best advantage is that the system enables you to invoice in the same application, ensuring fast invoicing after trips have been completed:

"We save a lot of time on administration and we are used to say that time equals money where WebTour contributes positive to both. There are many fine words to add on to WebTour. Firstly, it gives an excellent overview, optimization of resources, high efficiency and quality and peace of mind at work", says Susan Andersen and continues: "We work more and more efficient. To book a trip that has been driven before takes only a few seconds thanks to the copying-function." Claus Andersen adds that without WebTour the business would not be where it is today. "Then we would still use a blackboard and post-it-notes."