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Simple and Effective
Fleet Management for flexible passenger transportation

Nygaards Turist & Minibusser is a bus operator based in the Danish city Sorø. They offer Flexdriving, flexible passenger transport that can be ordered when needed.  

The daily workflow in the office has become simple at Nygaards Turist & Minibusser after the introduction of a paper free desktop.

The different trips are planned according to passenger needs, hence Flexdriving is very much driving on demand at a given time. Especially handicap- and other special driving tasks are a very complex assignment that require extensive planning.

Therefore, it has been a great relief for the managers and drivers at Nygaards Turist & Minibusser that the r2p fleet management solution allows the vehicles to automatically communicate with the back-office. In particular when spontaneous changes occur the system allows drivers to be informed about the updated route and schedule immediately. All that the drivers have do is to confirm on the in-vehicle navigation monitor. 

Initial situation

In the past, the daily route planning was done using a manual system. For each passenger that needed pick up an individually pre-printed note was prepared. Nygaards Turist & Minibusser explain that they created a demand for a lot of table space to manage the paper overload on their desks. To minimise effort and mistakes at the same time the managers had to simply remember many details.


Today the planning is very different. Instead of the traditional paper stacks on the desk, the planning takes place using the r2p fleet management system WebTrack as a powerful communication- and documentation-tool. Every little detail that you had to remember in the past is now easily accessible in r2p’s WebTrack system 24/7.




The fleet management system exists of, among other things, Garmin navigation and a GPS-box installed in each vehicle. When the drivers receive new orders the addresses are automatically transferred to a navigation monitor, and all the driver needs to do is to confirm the new route.

Further advantages 

The position of each vehicle are shown on a map giving an exact overview of all the company's vehicles on the road. "We can see those drivers that are close by and are free", explain Nygaards Turist & Minibusser.

"One thing is planning, another is execution. The actual execution of the planned trips we can follow on a map in WebTrack where we can view the precise location of the vehicles. Large as well as minor changes are sent to the vehicles' navigation system electronically. Therefore, drivers are always updated about the current time schedule. - With WebTrack, we now have a direct connection from planning, execution, to invoicing, which has removed many insecurities and obstacles", say Nygaards Turist & Minibusser, who are pleased they avoid mistakes and save time in their daily planning.

Another advantage is that the scheduled driving can be adjusted to emerging circumstances as WebTrack registers the executed driving and gives exact data about routes, traffic conditions and time spent on each individual trip.



As a supplier for FlexDanmark you need to follow the SUTI-standard when delivering data. SUTI stands for “Standardized Outcome of Traffic Information” in an order/receiver relation. It is a common nordic standard developed in last 10 years. r2p meets these requirements that FlexDanmark demands for delivering communication according to the SUTI-Standard.

For more information on Nygaards Turist & Minibusser, a Danish transportation company, visit their website www.pnygaard.dk (Danish only).