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The r2p Group enables Smart City Transportation by designing and developing intelligent technology systems with the highest quality and safety standards for the mobile transport sector: CCTV, Automatic Passenger Counting, Passenger Information Systems and network audio solutions with real-time data transfer for rail, road vehicles, as well as solutions for fixed infrastructure like platforms and stations.

Our customers benefit directly from our ideas, with perfectly optimised solutions that require minimal hardware - meaning the economic and ecological benefits are maximised. Furthermore, the acquisition of safety specialist SafeinTrain has added to our competences and provided the r2p Group with expert knowledge regarding functional safety systems with a Security Integration Level (SIL).

Headquartered in Flensburg, Germany, the rapidly growing r2p Group operates internationally in 45 countries with competence centres in Australia, Malaysia, Denmark and the United Kingdom. With additional subsidiaries and sales offices in Canada, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Brazil, r2p takes pride in being a truly global company. As of July 2018, HQ Equita acquired r2p to build a leading player in the fast-growing market for intelligent and safe digital public transport solutions.



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