Visual Communications






When it comes to visual communications, our NetSpire range includes bespoke and off the shelf products including dynamic route maps, side displays, destination indicators, internal displays, advertising screens and seat back displays.

r2p have capabilities to customise screens to fit most installation envelopes. Our range of options include LCD or LED and can support EN50155 compliance for rail applications. We also cater for a range of power voltages used around the world and can boast having fitted displays to most of the world’s leading train brands.

Our displays enable operators and users to customise their screen templates and layouts to support advertising screens, destination, timetables, route information, passenger loading, emergency messaging and messaging to assist hearing impaired.

Accreditation includes ISO9001, ISO45001
Developing solutions for various Fixed Infrastructure and Transportation Standards such as EN50155, EN45545, EN50128, EN50121, EN60118-4, EN50849, AS1428
Our professional services include
  • Project management & project engineering
  • Bespoke product development
  • Manufacturing & repair centre
  • Software and hardware development
  • Consulting and design support
  • Systems integration, Through Life Support (TLS) & Maintenance
Our markets
  • Rollingstock
  • Wayside (Platforms)
  • Light-rail operations
  • Back-office control
  • Bus safety & operations
  • Urban space announcement
Audio communications

Our NetSpire range of Passenger Assistance audio solutions include solutions for on-board rolling-stock [rail] and wayside [platform], and a whole host of other applications, including bus transportation, terminuses, urban open...

Visual communications

When it comes to visual communications, R2P can deliver customised screens to fits almost any space. Our bespoke and off the shelf ranges includes, dynamic route maps, side displays, destination indicators, internal displays and seat...

Crew communications

r2p has developed as part of our audio communications platform a series of crew communication handsets and devices fully functional across the NetSpire VoIP platform. The crew can page, talk between crew, call to off-board control...

Two-Way Communications

Our NetSpire range of Help Points have been adopted globally by many of the largest transportation networks. We support both off-the shelf and bespoke designs for onboard and offboard applications, with an extensive range of single,...

On-board networks

Securely manage the critical information that needs to be centrally controlled by NetSpire. We can send the information to off-board central controllers. r2p provides a host of communication software such as train interfaces, door...

Safety and Security

Our safety and security options ensure that we have you well covered! Our range of Red Dot Award Winning CCTV systems offer digital recording devices, intelligent and ‘real time’ onboard to offboard data transmission, cameras to...