To be closer to our customers & clients in Italy and enabling our vision of Smart Cities Transportation, r2p has opened a subsidiary in Brescia,...

This year, Blackpool Transport invested further in state-of-the-art travelling by adding 15 Palladium Buses to their fleet.

We are pleased to announce that r2p will supply 47 SIL1 Rearview-Monitoring Systems (RVM) for Bombardier for the customer Duisburger...

r2p and RL Controls, LLC enters into a partnership for the U.S. rail market. The partnership will strengthen the position of r2p in the US market.

54° 47′ N, 9° 26′ E - r2p Headquarters

Flensburg – located in the northernmost corner of Germany with its 90,000 inhabitants is neither the biggest...

Read more about how volunteers save fawns and other animals with the help of scarecrows and a drone.

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