// TEST r2p – Intercoms and Emergency Phones Intercoms and Emergency Phones
Passengers using smartphones at station as the train comes in

The NetSpire emergency intercom and phone system is a TCP/IP based unified communication platform designed for use on rolling stock, wayside, roadside and in tunnels. The system provides central operators with control of multiple incoming calls with configurable escalation strategies. In addition to emergency call handling, the system is capable of addressing informational requests vaia either an operator, or automatically generated audio announcements. With proven performance in demanding environments, the NetSpire communication platform is a reliable and highly advanced platform with excellent integration capabilities.

Netspire Solutions in Sydney's train fleet:

Waratah/Waratah Series 2 announced most reliable trains



Project Components

Fully IP networked Audio and Display system for 192 Double Deck Cars including:

  • Public Address, Crew Interface, Hearing Loops
  • Digital Voice Announcements, Crew Communication
  • Passenger Information Display Management
  • Passenger Emergency Intercoms
  • Integration with Train Management, Doors, EDR, Train Radio, Commercial Radio
  • Software Interface with Support for Java, C# and C++
  • Full EN50155 Compliance
  • Advertising and Content Management 
Project Results
  • First Fully IP Networked EN50155 Compliant Rolling Stock Communication System
  • First EN60118-4 Compliant Hearing Loop System in Rolling Stock > 90% coverage
  • First Rolling Stock Audio System with Audio Intelligibility exceeding STI of 0.67
  • First Class-D (Passively Cooled) Transconductance Amplifier
  • Most Reliable Train in the Sydney Fleet