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"GPS-Tracking was a key factor"
Customerprofile of Naturbyg.dk

The company Naturbyg.dk in Brædstrup in East Jutland is a nature- and landscaping business operating throughout Denmark. Naturbyg.dk employs 35 workers and has mounted GPS equipment from r2p on every machinery they own and operate. This optimises the daily workflow as there is full overview on where machines and staff are located. 

Initial situation

The compayny was suddenly faced with a compensation claim of 77.000 Danish kr. A telecommunications company believed that one of Naturbyg.dk’s machines had collided with and destroyed one of their telephone cabinets. Thomas Møller, director and founder of Naturbyg.dk, was of another conviction and the claim was brought in front of the court. The r2p GPS-Tracking system turned out to be a key factor for the trial to end in favour of Naturbyg.dk’s case.



r2p's solution

Naturbyg.dk installed GPS-equipment from r2p on all their machines. Knowing the locations of machines and staff enables Naturbyg.dk to optimise daily operations and make administration even simpler. At the same time there is certainty that employees are at the right locations at the right time. Naturbyg.dk uses GPS-Tracking externally as documentation that a service or product has been delivered according to contract. Internally, the employees can use it for finding their closest located colleague whenever they need assistance for a given task. The employees can also use tracking when filling in work schedules online.




Naturbyg.dk uses the r2p tracking solution Webtrack. GPS-tracking boxes installed in the machines enable the user to view and track movements and locations on their PC or laptop. 

How Tracking helped Naturbyg.dk:

Excavator at construction site

In late February 2016 a telecommunications company blamed Naturbyg.dk for a broken telephone cabinet in an area where the company had been working in some months prior. Thomas Møller refused to believe that it was one of Naturbyg.dk’s machines that had caused the damage. Accordingly, he refused to pay the invoice sent by the telecommunications company. Any attempts to resolve the issue with a consulter were blocked and the telecommunications company indicted Naturbyg.dk and the claim ended up in Horsens city court.




Thorough documentation and registration secured that the court found the defendant not guilty.

By the time of the hearing Thomas Møller had looked in the electronic archives of his company and found an array of registrations for the days when the machines were in the area of the damaged telephone cabinet.

He made a great effort explaining how the GPS-tracking system from r2p functions with ongoing registrations of the locations of the different machines. Eventually, the judge found Naturbyg.dk not guilty. The lawsuit was dropped and any further legal proceedings were withdrawn.

As Thomas Møller sees it, the outcome of the case is a direct result of the r2p GPS-Tracking enabling Naturbyg.dk to document their machines' locations during the period of the incident. Thereby, they avoided an unrightfully compensation of 77,000 Danish Kr. for a damage someone else had caused.