Hos r2p, forsøger vi at blive en endnu bedre version af os selv hver evig eneste dag der går. Vi er engageret i vores værdier og arbejder hårdt for at udvikle de bedste produkter. Derfor fortæller vi et par historier for at vise dig hvad der er vigtigt for os. Se vores virksomheds historie i vores videoer eller læs vores stories her:

One r2promise - One story. Part 1

Vores historie begynder...

One r2promise - One story. Part 2

Vores historie fortsætter...

Make public transport amazing. Make it the way to travel. That’s our goal. Our journey. It’s what gets us up with a smile in the morning, and leave work with an even bigger one.

So we don't think of ourselves as a technology company – it just so happens that technology offers us incredible opportunities to create our innovative products solutions: With world-class CCTV, PIS, PA, APC and telemetric solutions; every single day we work hard to improve the quality of millions of peoples' lives, in countries all over the planet.


Inspiration can be found in unusual places. And we're not your usual company. This one event led to our founder coming up with his masterplan; his vision for r2p. A young man driving a taxi one day, Ulrik was attacked. With no cameras on board and nothing to deter them, the assailants got away. Bruised but determined - he would not let others suffer the same way.

Our 30 year commitment became our offer, and 'r2promise' was born. World-class safety and innovation on public transport for life – giving you a unique reassurance and total peace of mind to move forwards.


Organised and dedicated, our team thrive on solving complex customer challenges – the tough, the unusual and even the strange questions are tackled with a big smile. This special team spirit ensures we always deliver, so if a problem occurs… we’ll solve it. With our 30-year ‘r2promise’ you can trust our team to provide the answers you need.


The Danish have a lovely saying: “birds of a feather stick together”. But for our business, we believe the opposite. We love and embrace diversity – working with talented people from around the world. It’s their skills, expertise and personality that matter to us.

After all, diverse backgrounds = diverse thinking, and true innovation offered to you, with our 30-years commitment ‘r2promise’.


For a green tree, every day is different as it continues to grow strong and mighty. With unique qualities, it embraces the challenging weather and ever-changing climate. Like a growing tree, the r2p branches reach for the sky – the roots of its evolving visions and values grow deeper, stronger. A tree sheds its old leaves with confidence and an instinctive trust in new leaves and growth. In the same way, r2p evolves every day, working with innovative new vehicle management online tools, digital Apps and smart platforms - always believing these will give our customers the perfect platform for success. 

Which side are you? Funtional, analytical and technical precision versus explosive, passionate creativity... at r2p, we believe in both. Inspiration and perspiration make our business tick, so we encourage our technicians and engineers to be free thinkers, our data team to think laterally, and our graduates to be brave. We expect and demand the best from each other, asking 'what if?' of everyone. For the next 30 years we'll be using both sides of our collective brain power to achieve the best results for you and your business. That's our 'r2promise'.

How do you stay efficient and dynamic in today’s chaotic global environment? At r2p, we’re passionate about hiring people with the personality and specialist skills to cut through the chaos with dedication, trust and mutual respect. r2p: team synergy in action. Our 30-year ‘r2promise’ means you’ll receive consistently outstanding service from us now, and long into the future. Peace of mind comes as standard with our 30-year ‘r2promise’.

Fresh air. This invisible, wonderful, pure nothingness is everything. We so often take it for granted. Pollution? That’s a problem for other people to solve, right? Not in our eyes. We pay our taxes, employ local people, create products that make public transport around the world greener, better and safer. We even made sure our r2p headquarters were as green as a field in spring. You won't find any emissions from our building. Zero in fact.

And we 'r2promise' to be here for the next 30 years, ensuring nature is as pure as it was always meant to be.

Earth. It’s a pretty special place. And we want to look after it. Really look after it, for us and for future generations. We 'r2promise'. So we’re very excited to now be in over 45 countries, working closely with partners on six continents. This offers us exciting local insights and ideas, informing and inspiring new global products – made better for you. A truly connected network of people with a passion for improving our PT industry for good. 30 years of new horizons lie ahead.

We’re ready for another adventure - are you?


Youth is wasted on the young, so they say. Not if we can help it. We actively engage and educate students from around the world and offer them unique opportunities. And the benefits are two-way: talented interns bring fresh thinking, and we provide the platforms to harness and develop their raw talent. The bright young students of today will shape our PT industry tomorrow – that's why, with our 'r2promise', we'll be right behind them, and you, for the next 30 years and beyond...


When bus drivers arrive at stops with Mr & Mrs Nobody there, it wastes time, fuel and energy. It happens many times a day, every day... that’s a lot of waste that we’re super keen to avoid.

The r2p Smart route optimisation system gives our hard-working drivers detailed live data, maximising efficiency. Fewer empty stops means less pollution and lower costs. It’s our 30-year ‘r2promise’ to you.

Anger, frustration and stress; emotions and costs run high if your specialist equipment is lost or stolen. How quickly would you recover? r2p intelligent technology helps your business become more agile and more responsive; with real-time tracking solutions allowing you to quickly and easily locate your goods.



A large moving company were experiencing huge losses with the vehicles they rented out to their customers. It was time for action. Once they’d put their trust into our team at r2p; their annual costs were reduced, and the company experienced for the first time what it meant to be truly secure and safe. Our solution was straightforward and inexpensive too. We’re here to help you stay ahead of highly organised criminals. Future proof you business with our 30-year ‘r2promise’ to you.


From their first words to their first steps, few would want to miss the special events as their child grows. But their first ride on the school bus can be a little frightening – and not just for the children. Now parents have real-time reassurance; r2p Secure smart camera technology offers them the opportunity to see them live on the bus. A stress-free moment to enjoy… and a first not to be missed! It’s all part of our long-term commitment plan for a better, safer future for all.




Never a bad thing to hear, is it? We’ve had our fair share of praise recently, with local, national and international recognition – landing the Düppel/Dybbøl 2014 award for German/Danish innovation for the successful collaboration on the Bybanen Light Rail project, finalists as "Entrepreneurs of the year" for two years running, "Best Practice"awards as our industry’s number one product innovator, and "TOP 100 Award" as one of Germany's most innovative companies. So we think it's about time we all said thank you, to the PT industry we know and love. But we're not relaxing; our 'r2promise' means we'll keep working hard to innovate and set higher standards each year, for the next 30 and beyond – we'd better get back to work...

Three? Ten? Even fifteen years seem like a lifetime away. Who knows where the future will take us, especially in such rapidly changing times. It can be hard to think, let alone invest, in the long term – but as your vehicles last up to thirty years, so will we. We know it's consistent support, quality insight and strong friendships that prove to be invaluable. So whatever your journey throws at you – every twist and turn – we’ll be by your side, because our 30-year commitment plan is a statement of intent. It’s our 'r2promise' to you.