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Providing clear evidence

Monitoring of rail tracks is becoming more and more essential: Whether driving past a red signal or investigating near and actual accidents – track monitoring provides clear evidence. It also recognises unauthorised entry, crossing of tracks and identifies stone throwers, train surfers, graffiti sprayers or obstacles. And in regard to privacy matters: The innovative pixelisation feature helps to render areas outside the track un-recognisable. When using thermal cameras, even collisions in total darkness can be prevented.

The Forward-Facing camera is installed on the front of the vehicle. Its recordings provide information on what has happened in the field of view of the driver. Thermal cameras can be integrated as an additional option.

A comprehensive solution

Our r2p Forward-Facing CCTV solution is completed by the required hardware: cameras, encoder, recorder and monitors. In addition, r2p HORIZON, an integrated software platform, offers you a great variety of functions and features to manage and operate the Forward-Facing CCTV. With r2p HORIZON you can for instance use the features Live Video, Video Download and Status Monitoring. Furthermore, we offer you CCTV Secure, a feature to improve the security of all surveillance data.

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Your benefits at r2p

  • High return-on-Investment
  • Surge protected housing
  • Lean design
  • Optional thermal cameras
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