r2p Horizon

Live-Video & Status Management Platform

r2p’s innovative software solution r2p HORIZON concentrates the entire product portfolio in one platform. The modularity allows you to select the required modules and create a customised solution. If your requirements change at a later time, modules can simply be added or removed.

With r2p HORIZON it takes only one person to manage the entire fleet: exact vehicle tracking at any time, live-view into the vehicles, remote access to recorded videos, remote diagnostics of error messages in the vehicle and centrally controlled infotainment updates. And there are many additional features that will increase your company’s effectiveness, efficiency and minimise the need to access the vehicles physically.

r2p HORIZON also offers you an extensive array of functions for the management and operation of CCTV surveillance video. The software solution lets you download and manage video recordings, access live streams and monitor the status of your cameras.

r2p HORIZON is our comprehensive platform that joins together individual solutions to provide you with accessible information, effortless control and a unique user-experience.

Impressions of the HORIZON Software Platform

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What are your benefits?
  • One single platform that integrates all r2p video solutions
  • Live video streaming from your vehicle fleets
  • Status management of your hardware significantly eases maintenance
  • Browser-based due to the use of the latest web technologies
  • SaaS or on-premise hosting for a maximum data security
Fully secured
The protection of our customer’s data, secure digital access and encryption during operations form the foundation of our development concepts and processes.
Professional User and Customer Management
Users can be assigned to different roles which can be defined via corresponding claims.
Multi language support
The r2p Horizon System offers multi-lingual support to ensure that the system can be operated efficiently worldwide with a maximum of user satisfaction.
Update Management
Config and firmware updates for all connected r2p devices can be executed and scheduled. An overall update status logs the processes.
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