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Passenger Information for fixed Infrastructure

Keep your passengers informed with fast and easily accessible information. NETSPIRE ensures that they’ll be kept well informed about the route, connections and even travel disruption – so you’ll achieve a high level of passenger satisfaction. NETSPIRE offers various solutions for fixed infrastructure passenger information system, that will increase the your customer experience tremendously and also massively simplify your business procedures.

  • Hearing impaired user support - Integrated Induction Loop support for Intercoms & Amplifiers
  • Advertisement space will create additional revenue with easily accessible Campaign Managment included

Your key benefits when relying on NetSpire™

  • Low Component Count
  • High Level of Integration
  • Reduced space
  • Reduced cabling
  • Reduced interfacing
  • Reduced power requirements
  • Reduced time to deploy and interfacing risk


The NetSpire communications system is a TCP/IP network based unified platform supporting public address, automated announcements and emergency audio systems suitable for fixed infrastructure projects such as train stations, road tunnels, airports, mines and other commercial and industrial environments.

The system is suitable for control by both central operators, and local operations staff.

  • Mature system widely deployed in transport systems around the world
  • Supports making public address and pre-recorded digital announcement
  • Supports installation as part of compliant Emergency Audio or Fire system
  • Integrated Digital Signal Processing in all devices



The NetSpire™ Display System comprises a central co-ordinating controller and intelligent displays that are able to render and manage their own content. All displays have one or more network interfaces and may be configured in a daisy chain configuration where appropriate.

The NetSpire Display system supports

  • Real Time Passenger Information
  • LED & LCD Display Support
  • Extended HTML Mark-up
  • Audio / Video Synchronisation
  • HD Video Support (1080P)
  • Integrated Video Streaming
Advertising with r2p NetSpire™
Content & Campaign Management

LCD Display for passenger information include integrated Video for advertising and passenger information, smooth scrolling of stop names. Dynamic stopping pattern lists are directly updated by the signalling infrastructure. The NetSpire™ Media Manager allows a wayside central operator to load media into the NetSpire system, and schedule the playback of media on the LCD Displays.





Web Integrated Management

Media loaded into the system is automatically synchronised across the NetSpire system. The interface allows the creation of playlists, which are an ordered list of the media files added to the system. The playlists can then be added to a schedule for playback across the system. All displays can operate independently in order to ensure a high flexibility.






The NetSpire™ information and emergency intercom and phone system is a TCP/IP based unified communication platform designed for use on rolling stock, wayside, roadside and in tunnels. The system provides central operators with control of multiple incoming calls and the system supports configurable escalation strategies. With proven performance in demanding environments, the NetSpire™ Communications solution is a reliable and highly advanced platform with excellent integration capabilities.

  • Emergency Handle or Help Point Format
  • SIP Compliant VoIP Device
  • Customised faceplates supported
  • Vandal Resistant, Jam Proof Buttons
  • CCTV integration, Audio Self Test, Tamper Detection


The NetSpire™ Telephony Server provides specialised support for Emergency Phones, Intercoms, Help Phones and Maintenance Phones, in additional to traditional office telephony functions. Integrated with NetSpire Public Address and Passenger Information System Complete integration with the NetSpire PA, DVA and PIS solution allowing a single terminal for control of the entire system. NetSpire CXS supports general telephony to provide administration staff with a simple telephone system.

  • SIP Compliant Telephony Server
  • Transfer (Blind)
  • Music on Hold
  • Voice Mail
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Call Groups, Call Logging
  • Conference Bridge
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Dean Mills

Dean Mills

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Arthur Constantinou

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