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Flensburg – located in the northernmost corner of Germany with its 90,000 inhabitants is neither the biggest nor the most famous city of Germany. But it sure is one of the best to live and work in!

The close relationship to the Danish neighbours (officially the happiest people in Europe) creates an international and productive environment that serves as the perfect foundation for many future-oriented and driven companies and entrepreneurs. No matter in which of the 13 districts of Flensburg you are – you are never far from the beach and the fjord, an inlet of the Baltic Sea. On warm summer evenings the historic harbour is the best place to enjoy the sunset with friends. Flensburg is proud to be hosting the approximately 9,000 students of the Europa-Universität Flensburg and the Hochschule Flensburg (University of Applied Sciences) that create a bustling and dynamic hotspot for culture and business in the region. Flensburg’s handball club “SG Flensburg Handewitt” is one of Europe’s top-ranked teams and for the matches held in Flens-Arena, the local stadium, on average 6,000 fans show up to support their team.

Flensburg is more than just a place to work or to visit. As Søren Jessen, r2p’s Technical Director describes it in this video, coming to Flensburg feels like coming home. When are you coming to Flensburg?

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