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r2p measures against Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

r2p continuously monitors the situations with regards to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and we follow the recommendations from international and local authorities around the world.

Most of our employees are able to work from home and will do so in the next weeks. At r2p we have a strong digital mindset and culture, and our teams have access to the latest technology well suited for remote work and home office. That means we can still continue to work and help our partners, clients and customers even though we are not physically sitting together.

Where home office is not possible, we reduce staff density and rotate the needed resources to ensure redundancy and stable operations. We will continue to work on all projects and deliverables, giving customers and clients our fullest attention.

We are committed to make sure that we run as close to normal capacity as possible – striving for a high level of activity, while still taking care of each other.

Our intention is to make the best out of this difficult situation we all are facing at the moment, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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