Rear-View Monitor System
Fully SIL 2 certified digital driving assistance

The safety requirements for rail vehicles in road traffic are high as errors regarding the operation or technology of any vehicle can quickly turn into a real danger to the life of passengers, employees and other road users or cause massive damage to the vehicle itself.

The solution consists of digital cameras that monitor several areas outside of the vehicle and can act as:

  • Replacement for the classic rear-view mirror
  • Turning assistant and blind spot camera
  • An aid for maneuvering and coupling

The images are displayed on digital monitors to visualize the corresponding video transmissions from the external cameras. This enables a SIL 2 certified monitoring of critical areas around the vehicle. Thus, the RVM system supports your drivers, especially in traffic, the entry and exit of stations, at stops or platforms, or in unclear and complex situations.

The r2p RVM system digitally widens the driver’s field of vision and delivers a clear overview of the vehicle and its surroundings, even during twilight or at night.

The RVM-System has been certified according to these norms & standards:

EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, EN 50159, EN 45545, EN 50128, EN 61373, EN 50129, EMV06, EN 50657, IEC 61508

Permanent integrated system control

The RVM system ensures an instantaneous live image with maximum delay of 300ms. It can also transfer images from multiple wagons at the same time and the monitors can display several camera images in fixed positions that depend on digital inputs which are freely configurable by the customer. In addition to a permanent internal system check of all connected devices, the framerate, and the transmission latency, the system also provides a distinct allocation of each camera and ensures their authenticity. This prevents the display of images that are incorrect or not relevant to the corresponding situation.

The RVM system works on the basis of the train’s existing ethernet network. Due to the safe and secure transmission protocol, the RVM system can be integrated into any Ethernet/IP network as long as it is not connected to the “Internet”. With these prerequisites ex works , the system fulfills the requirements for a SIL 2 compliant solution and is therefore certified as such by TÜV. This allows for a massive simplification of the complex test procedures prior to vehicle registration.

With r2p’s RVM solution, the analog system using standard ethernet networks through a digital secure rearview mirror system can be exchanged. The system can be expanded as needed and individual sub-systems (cameras, monitors) are easily exchangeable. Customer requests regarding the display of different cameras at different times, depending on the digital inputs of the monitors can easily be defined and realized by the customer.

r2p RVM & TSM-10
A perfect match!

With the r2p Train Signal Modulator (TSM-10), the operator can establish an encrypted (AES 128 Bit) Gbit-Ethernet-Connection between railway wagons by using existing or occupied standard coupling contacts used for LF or UIC to pass through the signal.

The connection established in this way enables network devices to be easily connected through the train without having to add or replace the electrical contacts inside the train coupling.

This offers significant savings to the customer when refurbishing their existing vehicles.

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