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Blackpool’s Palladium Buses Set Bars to New Heights

This year, Blackpool Transport invested further in state-of-the-art travelling by adding 15 Palladium Buses to their fleet.

Dating back to before the 1900’s, Blackpool is home to the oldest electric street tramway system in the world. Today, Blackpool Transport has become a thriving and hugely successful local company, operating 140 buses (across 14 different routes) and 18 trams.

Due to the exponential advances in technology, it is imperative that Blackpool Transport reaches for success with a smooth transition from old to new. Buses, trains and trams are by no means new automotive projects; however, we are surrounded by infinite capabilities. Our future lies within intelligence to integrate industry-leading technology with reliable communications.

r2p UK currently supplies Blackpool Transport with Real Time Information for their 140 buses and 18 trams, including a SIRI SM feed and mobile-based iConnex access for each tram driver. iConnex provides reliable tracking information, which can be monitored on a desktop site. The software is a system integrator, linking with the ticket machine and tracking providers. iConnex delivers a comprehensive solution for live monitoring, with a focus on vehicle running behaviour, reporting and much more. In the control room, iConnex allows operators to locate any bus or tram at any given time.

Touching further on bus transport exclusively, Blackpool Transport have an exciting new release of Palladium Buses. Since 2015, Blackpool Transport have worked to make Palladium Buses a highly modernised travelling experience, with a total fleet of 107.

The new designs feature enhanced interiors, USB ports, free WiFi and much more. Palladium Buses are the future of all buses, setting the bar to new heights.

This innovative and dynamic project adds a new dimension to the strong relationship between r2p UK Systems Ltd and Blackpool Transport, opening huge opportunities for further collaboration.

The r2p Group enables Smart City Transportation by designing and developing intelligent technology systems with the highest quality standards for the mobile transport sector. This includes CCTV, Automatic Passenger Counting, Passenger Information Systems (plus network audio solutions with real-time data transfer for rail) and road vehicles, as well as solutions for fixed infrastructure like platforms and stations.

The rapidly growing r2p Group, headquartered in Flensburg, Germany, operates internationally in 45 countries with subsidiaries in Denmark, UK, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, Malaysia and Brazil. With a silent partnership in Taiwan, a sales office in the Czech Republic and local manufacturing in India, r2p takes pride in being a truly global company. As of July 2018, HQ Equita acquired r2p to build a leading player in the fast-growing market for intelligent digital public transport solutions.

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