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Ciao Italia! New r2p office in Italy

To be closer to our customers & clients in Italy and enabling our vision of Smart Cities Transportation, r2p has opened a subsidiary in Brescia, Italy. Brescia is located in Lombardy in the north of Italy, 70km from Milano with its three Airports.

The intention of r2p Italy is to deliver all the service required by local vehicle builders, transport operators & authorities in the region, during the complete life cycle of a project. The location is set in a region with a long tradition in the rail industry and a well coverage of public transport. The proximity to the airport as well as to larger cities like Venice, Turin, Genoa, and even Nice and Monaco enables our Team to quickly react to our customers in the region. The location also enables the r2p group to cover the southern regions of Italy as well as the islands and puts us in the position to be always nearby our customers in Italy.

We are happy to welcome the new r2p colleagues on board and to follow the development of r2p in Italy from its base in Brescia in the years to come!

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