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ONEr2p around the world - Part 1

The r2p Group headquartered in Flensburg, Germany, operates internationally in 45 countries and with office locations in 9 countries takes pride in being a truly global company. This is why, we gathered first-hand information from the teams around the world to create "ONEr2p around the world". In this series of articles you will get to know the different areas r2p offices are located in and why they are all great places to work and live in!

PART 1: 56° 27′ N, 9° 25′ E – r2p DK


The city of Viborg has more than 97,000 inhabitants and is located in the second largest region in Denmark. Viborg holds 50,000 workplaces, is the region‘s economic and legal centre and has experienced outstanding growth during the last 10 years.

In Viborg several projects are under construction where new parts of the city are being developed. Banebyen (Trackcity), with a value of more than 4 billion DKR is one of those prestigious projects. Banebyen is a dynamic and modern district of Viborg in vicinity of the train station, hence the name, and holds many amazing opportunities for the urban development being connected to the city centre via one section of the “Hærvejen”, a historic route that runs all the way from Viborg to Flensburg in Northern Germany and beyond.

The Viborg area attracts many international companies. In addition to a strong automotive industry, the city is a European hub for data centers, animation and green solutions when it comes to agriculture and renewable energy. The wide range of international education and research environment in and around Viborg, offers a highly qualified and motivated workforce.

Viborg is one of the oldest cities in Denmark and many of the original buildings are still standing. For example, Viborg’s medieval Cathedral and the “Sortebrødre Kirke” (Black Brothers Church). Apart from those historical sights, Viborg offers stunning landscapes and parks for you to relax and recharge your batteries. You can for example spend some time at the ”Borgvold”-park or go for a walk or run around the lakes “Søndersø” and “Nørresø”. Outside the city the moor “Hald sø” and “Dollerup Bakker”, landscapes created by the natural forces during the ice age, attract many visitors and nature lovers throughout the year.

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