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ONEr2p around the world - Part 2

51° 7′ N, 0° 12′ W - r2p UK

Crawley, the home of r2p UK, is a town in West Sussex, located very close to Gatwick Airport and the city of London. You can find the r2p UK office on a more urbanised road, with fast access to shops and great connections to the motorway. However, Crawley has a lot more to offer than that! Only a short walk away from the r2p office you can enjoy a beautiful scenery of fields, parks and ponds. Crawley is also known for its many historic building that are protected and valued as English heritage monuments. The local leisure centre, cinema and restaurants provide various opportunities for leisure activities.

Crawley combines commercial opportunities and space for innovation with stunning landscapes and wide range of recreational in-door and outdoor-activities - definitely worth a visit!

The r2p Group headquartered in Flensburg, Germany, operates internationally in 45 countries and with office locations in 9 countries takes pride in being a truly global company. This is why, we gathered first-hand information from the teams around the world to create "ONEr2p around the world". In this series of articles you will get to know the different areas r2p offices are located in and why they are all great places to work and live in!

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