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ONEr2p around the world - Part 4

33° 51′ S, 151° 12′ E – r2p Asia-Pacific

Sydney – a dream destination for many travellers and expatriates. The Sydney Opera House, the beach and whale watching are just a few of the many attractions. But Sydney is also a dream destination for many international businesses as Australia’s centre for knowledge-based economy and international trade. The city is considered as a “Gateway to Asia” and provides a large network of global firms and well-developed infrastructure.

Outside of the city the region New South Wales has a lot to offer: the world’s best surfing beaches, national parks and wine regions. Talking of wine: In the next part of r2p around the world we will introduce you to another region of the world more than 12,000 kilometres from Sydney where wine plays an important role. Can you guess which r2p office we are talking about?

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