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r2p featured as a world market leader and role model

In a recent publication, the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Commerce (IHK) portrayed 33 Hidden Champions - local small and medium-sized enterprises from Northern Germany which are among the best in their industry worldwide. We are proud to be included as the world market leader for integrated hardware and software solutions in public transportation. In the printed brochure the development of r2p, the core competencies and portfolio of products and solutions are described.

Please find the full article here (only available in German).


[This is an abbreviated translation of the German original]

Bits and Bytes for Bus and Rail

Public transportation should be more punctual, safer and more comfortable. The r2p Group with its headquarters in Flensburg contributes substantially to the accomplishment of this goal with their technologies. The products enhance punctuality, safety, profitableness and attractiveness of public transportation worldwide: the portfolio stretches from hard- as well as software solutions for CCTV, to automatic passenger counting. Passenger information systems, tracking and fleet management with real-time data transfer for rail and road vehicles and for bus stops and train stations are also part of the company’s competencies.“We offer all technologies that are important for the passengers of bus and rail”, explains CEO Ulrik Rasmussen. Approximately 90,000 bus and rail installations have been equipped with r2p’s pioneering technology.

“We deliver to five continents, to more than 45 countries worldwide, operating from our headquarters in Flensburg and our local offices in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.”

Offering hardware, software and service as a one-stop provider makes r2p the partner to many well-known customers. Among these are Stadler, Bombardier, Siemens, Deutsche Bahn and Skoda. Within ten years, the r2p Group has become the global market leader in the industry for technology for road and rail vehicles. r2p’s customers can use the hardware and software solutions on their own or as a complete system. The modules are operated and managed via the software platform “r2p Horizon”.

In 2018, HQ Equita acquired the Flensburg-based company. “Now, we are able to create more growth. The whole r2p management team is committed to enhance our position as the leading provider of intelligent digital solutions of traffic infrastructure”, says Rasmussen. In an industry in which digitalisation requires the involved parties to redefine their business, the r2p Group wants to be the preferred and trusted partner on a global scale.

“Hidden Champions are better qualified to be role models and best practice examples than the stars of the century such as Microsoft or Google, because Hidden Champions are ‘normal’ companies that managed to become market leaders through their distinct strategies. Those strategies usually contain exemplary learnings for small and large enterprises alike.”
(Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon)

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