r2p Group Acquires T.G. Baker Americas Inc.

The r2p Group, a leading provider of intelligent technology systems for the public transport sector, today announced that they have acquired T.G. Baker Americas Inc. (TGBA), a company specialised in supplying scalable, integrated Passenger Information Systems for transit operators. r2p Group becomes 100% owner of TGBA and the deal is effective from today onwards, significantly enhancing r2p’s position in the North American market

Closer to the Customers

Flemming Kær, CEO of the r2p Group commented “the teams at r2p and TGBA have been working closely together since 2016, and in that time, we have formed a close and productive working relationship. The acquisition of TGBA extends that relationship with multiple benefits for both parties and their respective customers”.

With a direct foothold in North America, the r2p CEO expects a closer contact to regional customers, intensifying mutual support and cooperation with clients. With the acquisition r2p also increases its approach towards local sourcing requirements such as ‘Buy America’ and Canadian Content. The company is based in Vaughan, Canada – just north of Toronto, with an existing subsidiary in the US.

“TGBA yields in-depth knowledge of the r2p product range, competitive advantage, and value proposition”, says Flemming Kær, who considers the acquisition to be a natural extension of r2p Groups operational sphere along established channels.

To New Heights

In the Canadian market the r2p NetSpire™ solution has developed into a de facto standard for transit passenger information systems, thanks to the efforts of TGBA. Many features of the NetSpire solution implemented in recent years are based on market feedback via the team from Vaughan. Going forward their involvement will be extended further, driving NetSpire innovation and product development in line with market demands to new heights.

Brian Andrew and Sean Coster, Directors of TGBA will continue as executives in r2p, joining r2p’s global management team. The integration of the companies will take place over the next weeks. Operationally the Canadian based company will extend the Groups presence from Europe, Asia, Asia-Pacific, South America to include North America now also.

About T.G. Baker Americas Inc.

T.G. Baker Americas Inc. (TGBA) are leaders in transit passenger information systems. The company provides and supports distributed IP-based intelligent technology systems with the highest quality standards for the transportation sector. TGBA supplies scalable, Integrated Passenger Information Systems for Transit Operators that include Public Address, Passenger Assistance Intercoms, Passenger Information Displays & Passenger Information Display Management, VoIP System Integration, Signalling System Integration, Transportation Sub-Systems Integration, Distributed Acoustic Sensing, On-Board CCTV & Fleet Management Systems for Fixed Infrastructure, Rolling Stock & Buses.

TGBA’s mission is to create passenger information systems that provide safe, informative, and immersive travel experiences for passengers and transit system operators.
For more information visit www.tgbakeramericas.com

About r2p

The r2p Group enables Smart City Transportation by designing and developing intelligent technology systems with the highest quality standards for the mobile transport sector: CCTV, Automatic Passenger Counting, Passenger Information Systems and network audio solutions with real-time data transfer for rail, road vehicles, as well as solutions for fixed infrastructure like platforms and stations.

The rapidly growing r2p Group, headquartered in Flensburg, Germany, operates internationally in 45 countries with competence centres in Australia, Malaysia, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. With additional subsidiaries and sales offices in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Brazil, r2p takes pride in being a truly global company. As of July 2018, HQ Equita acquired r2p to build a leading player in the fast-growing market for intelligent and safe digital public transport solutions.
For more information visit www.r2p.com

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