r2p praised for local content in Australia

As a response to the Australian media criticizing the local Government for outsourcing the manufacturing of trains, r2p has recently received televised recognition for being a provider of locally manufactured public transport solutions, providing over 50 direct and hundreds of indirect jobs directed towards building innovative passenger communication and key safety technology.

Government Attention

Last week, the New South Wales Minister for Transport and Roads, Andrew Constance, paid a visit to the Centre of Excellence for Rail - Rollingstock and Wayside, where r2p’s solutions are designed and built to provide customers with the hard- and software to ensure safe and smart mobility.

Recent local projects were the complete supply of passenger announcement, displays, CCTV, help points and communications system for Changchun Railway Co. (CRRC) or the installation of a citywide Emergency Evacuation System in Sydney CBD. The Minister’s visit, in addition to more than $20 Million of indirect investments by the NSW government, are a testimonial to the government’s interest in investing into the future of smart city transportation. r2p, along with other local companies, will provide a significant continued contribution such as ongoing life support, maintenance warranty and parts for the next 20 to 30 years.

Export Excellence

But it does not stop there. In addition to being a local provider, r2p Asia-Pacific exports globally to key markets in Asia (including China), Europe, UK, Canada and the United States. Solutions include Passenger Information Systems & Displays (PIS & PIDS), Public Announcement, Intelligent HELP Points, Disability Communications including Hearing Loops, Train Crew Communications and Train CCTV.

With Customer Focus and Responsibility being central aspects of r2p’s operations, we are proud to be able to support local manufacturing and provide sustainable jobs, while also improving and shaping the future of public transport around the globe.

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