r2p will equip 28 CIVITY trains with CCTV & APC for CAF and AB TRANSITIO

This just in: r2p will provide 28 trainsets for AB TRANSITIO with our CCTV and APC solutions with an option for an additional 26 trainsets.

The rail vehicle type is a CIVITY NORDIC, a variation of the CIVITY standard version, designed to operate in Nordic countries. The end-customer TRANSITIO will operate the rolling stock in several regions in Sweden. Learn more about CIVITY here.

Vehicles will be equipped with:

  • R16-X
  • Crash-proof memory
  • Saloon Surveillance
  • Forward Facing Camera
  • Rear-View Cameras
  • HMIs
  • DOO Monitors

The project also includes connecting to the r2p Horizon platform and the r2p project management package. Head of Sales for Southern Europe, Jose Morales, states: “This is the first contract with CAF to supply an r2p APC system. It is a great milestone, reinforcing our close relationship with CAF and allowing us to expand our solution portfolio with them."



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