Reliable and on time: r2p’s real time information system to improve public transport services in Blackpool

r2p announces a new order from Blackpool Transport for supplying an operator real time information and reporting system using r2p’s new direct input app.

With the new order r2p will supply a system for 20 buses and 18 trams, and taking in information for a further 100 buses. The project has started in November 2017 and includes the easily installed android direct input app, which gives the driver of the vehicle control of his operations.

The cooperation between Blackpool Transport and Nimbus as a part of the r2p Group started around a year ago with a first project and has since then been expanded. Russell Gard, Managing Director of r2p UK, says: “We are very happy that we could build such a strong relationship with Blackpool Transport during the last year. Thanks to the close collaboration and the exchange on our customers’ needs we are able to supply the products based upon the customers’ requirements quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.”

The rapidly growing r2p Group, headquartered in Flensburg, Germany, operates internationally in 45 countries with subsidiaries in Denmark, Brazil, Switzerland and England. With a silent partnership in Taiwan, a sales office in the Czech Republic, and local manufacturing in India, r2p takes pride in being a truly global company.

As a market leader, r2p has great passion and energy for developing and distributing software and hardware for rail and road vehicles, mobile video surveillance, PIS, PA, APC and telemetric solutions. Our experienced Swedish investor Alder AB, with an investment volume of more than €110 million, provides us with on-going support for our mission.

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