Passengers using smartphones at station as the train comes in
Wireless Audio

Open Access has provided innovative communications solutions since 1986 and in the process has developed a reliable, modular platform that provides a range of leading edge features on the back of proven components. The NetSpire™ Integrated Communications System is a distributed voice communications platform supports wireless public address and telephony capabilities. The NetSpire™ platform’s support for converging technologies to enhance voice and data applications allows flexible solution design – such as a wireless handsets subsystem which allows users to perform a variety of operations including telephony, duress alarms, public address, and initiation of automated announcements – all at the touch of a button.

Netspire Solutions in Sydney's train fleet:

Waratah/Waratah Series 2 announced most reliable trains



Project Components

Fully IP networked Audio and Display system for 192 Double Deck Cars including:

  • Public Address, Crew Interface, Hearing Loops
  • Digital Voice Announcements, Crew Communication
  • Passenger Information Display Management
  • Passenger Emergency Intercoms
  • Integration with Train Management, Doors, EDR, Train Radio, Commercial Radio
  • Software Interface with Support for Java, C# and C++
  • Full EN50155 Compliance
  • Advertising and Content Management 
Project Results
  • First Fully IP Networked EN50155 Compliant Rolling Stock Communication System
  • First EN60118-4 Compliant Hearing Loop System in Rolling Stock > 90% coverage
  • First Rolling Stock Audio System with Audio Intelligibility exceeding STI of 0.67
  • First Class-D (Passively Cooled) Transconductance Amplifier
  • Most Reliable Train in the Sydney Fleet