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Focus on Planning, Ressource Allocation & Efficiency and Security

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Regardless of the size of your fleet, it is necessary to always keep track of your vehicles. With WebTrack you get an inclusive tracking solution that is comprehensive and easy to access. WebTrack reports vehicles’ location, time and fuel consumption to assist you when controlling your resources and enhancing overall productivity. Our solution starts with your daily planning and is designed to improve your company’s overall performance. The unique WebTrack tracking tool helps you with reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission. Using WebTrack can make you up to 20% more efficient within various areas of your business.

WebTrack is a GPS system that documents routes, timeslots and behavioural patterns of your drivers. You know where your vehicles are at all times, you can print GPS reports to document deliveries and calculate invoices. Our tracking system will enable you to supervise your drivers’ efficiency and routes. Thus, you can streamline time usage, reward efficient driving and improve the workflow, hence getting more out of the same resources available.

Furthermore, our tracking solution can be used with all sorts of machines and equipment, for example on construction sites, to help you stay organised. Extensive documentation increases transparency and heightens your overall credibility. To complete our tracking software solution, we also offer the required hardware - Tracking Boxes that can be installed within vehicles, machines and other equipment. WebTrack is a well tested and used solution: already, more than 1,000 clients trust us with their tracking requirements. As of 2017, over 35,000 Tracking Boxes have been installed, more than 175 million driver reports were created, and more than 2.3 billion GPS vehicle positions were documented per year.

Solution for GPS-Tracking

The technology behind Tracking

Our innovative tracking solutions build on telemetric and telematic systems. Telemetry describes the process of remote data collection and their electronic transmission. Telematics is the technology that is ussed with long distance wireless transmission of digital information. Telematics uses the same infrastructure as other wireless forms of communication. Within the transportation sector telematics is for example connected to GPS-navigation, monitoring of driving and automated data transfer.

Reduce Your CO2 Emissions

Sustainable GPS tracking and fleet management for bus transport and logistic fleets will save you money as well as fuel consumption, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions. EcoTrack focuses on sustainable fleet management. The impact on the environment is a central concern that notably affects the transport and logistics industry. Our solution enables sustainable fleet management and helps companies to get a visual overview of parameters that influence efficiency and emissions. An overview that ultimately results in financial gain while benefitting the environment.




Driver Awareness Panel

Our Driver Awareness Panel (DAP), installed inside the vehicle, is a physical evidence that continuously keeps the driver informed about driving behaviour and patterns in real time. Thus, the driver can easily assess their driving with regard to fuel consumption and effectiveness. Furthermore, the driver’s sense of ownership of the vehicle increases when receiving live feedback. The concept of ownership is very important in the process of responsible and economical driving behaviour.

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How can Tracking help you?


Anger, frustration and stress; emotions and costs run high if your specialist equipment is lost or stolen. How quickly would you recover? r2p intelligent technology helps your business become more agile and more responsive; with real-time tracking solutions allowing you to locate your goods quickly and affectless.


A large r2p customer company were experiencing huge losses with the vehicles they rented out to their customers. It was time for change. Once they’d put their trust into our team at r2p; their annual costs were reduced, and the company experienced for the first time what it meant to be truly secure and safe. Our solution was straightforward and inexpensive too. We’re here to help you stay ahead of highly organised criminals. Futureproof your business with our 30-year ‘r2promise’ to you.

Effective Theft Protection

Insurance Approved Tracking


Insurance approved GPS-tracking helps to protect your valuable goods. Our tracking system is connected to a 24/7 control center in and approved by the Danish Rigspoliti and registered at the Insurance & Pension Association (Denmark). We provide real time online tracking to protect your equipment and vehicles. Our service includes a 24-hour alarm survailance and access to the r2p Tracking service department. The GPS-tracking system consists of:

  • ProBox 1204, which is our own GPS box with a powerful backup battery
  • Connection to Securitas' day-to-day control center, approved by the Danish Rigspoliti
  • Annual subscription to online tracking with private access to tracking page
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Your benefits at r2p

  • Efficient planning: make changes when needed
  • Security and assistance for drivers
  • Electronic vehicle mileage log book for documentation
  • Sustainable solutions