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Get to know our solution for online sharing of cars between departments in municipalities, larger companies or across municipalities. Keep track of which departments have borrowed a car with WebTour Carbooking. With WebTour's carbooking system, you can avoid stacks of sticky notes on your desk and mess in the bookings.

The Carbooking module is a user-controlled booking system that gives you an easy overview of cars that are available . With the module you always have an accessible overview of who has booked, which vehicle is booked and when it is booked. The only requirement is that the vehicles and carriages must be registered with the carbooking solution!


webTour Support

On our webTour Support Site you will find many helpful tutorials and tips that will help you to get the most out of the tool.The Support Site for webTour is only available in Danish.

Contact our Tour Planning Team:

+45 32 222 333

+45 32 222 333