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webTour Equipment Module

Save the time and effort of looking for equipment by knowing exactly where the equipment is located at any time. The Equipment module is an add-on in the WebTour solution and keeps track of your equipment using geochaching. Our solution can be applied to keep track of scaffolding, crew trailers, road signs, construction fences and much more. The module gives you an overview of real time positions on a visual world map.

Use the WebTour Equipment module to facilitate the further decision-making process. 

  • Immediate positioning 
  • Enables direct billing
webTour Support

On our webTour Support Site you will find many helpful tutorials and tips that will help you to get the most out of the tool.The Support Site for webTour is only available in Danish.

Contact our Tour Planning Team:

+45 32 222 333

+45 32 222 333