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webTour Service Planning

Maintenance Management

Observe service times of your vehicles and gain an overview of the status and service history of each vehicle. Our WebTour Service Planning module provides a quick and easy analysis of maintenance plans and ongoing maintenance. Thus, you will be able to reduce expenses for maintenance by constantly updating your service plan. A classification of problems - serious, urgent, less serious - assists your planning and equips you with a good basis for clever decision making. The Service Planning module also offers maintenance intervals for each component; based on both driven kilometers and time. In addition, the software gives you the possibility to directly generate purchase orders for spare parts from suppliers.

  • Monitor spare parts usage
  • Fewer unplanned service required
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly interface
  • Checklist & classification of problems
webTour Support

On our webTour Support Site you will find many helpful tutorials and tips that will help you to get the most out of the tool.The Support Site for webTour is only available in Danish.

Contact our Tour Planning Team:

+45 32 222 333

+45 32 222 333