Right to be forgotten

Attention! This service cannot be used for contract terminations, it is ONLY meant for an individual to be able to excercize the GDPR-imposed "right to be forgotten".


Are you an individual, looking to have any data associated to your person deleted from all r2p systems?

Then, please download and fill out this PDF form: r2p_Right_to_be_forgotten.pdf

When you have filled out all the relevant fields, save the PDF file and send it by email to: privacy(at)r2p.com

If we need additional information from you, to properly process your request, we may contact you directly via email or phone.

We strive to complete the task of deleting your data within 30 days. However, in some cases, depending on the system, it may take up to 3 months. Should it prove to take longer than 30 days, we will inform you within the next 30 days.