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Innovation award for Rail and Road Protec

press release 26. June 2015 by Compamedia (translated):

Success through entrepreneurial vision: Rail and Road Protec GmbH is one of the most innovative medium sized companies in Germany and was honored at the award show in Essen on Friday, the 26th of June 2015 by “Top 100” show host Ranga Yogeshwar. After passing a two-stepped analysis, r2p received the award that has been granted for over 20 years now.

The freshly awarded company r2p is closing up on Google. The team from Flensburg may not be building un-manned busses and trains, but they have set new standards with their innovative communication infrastructure. The company, which is specialized in soft- and hardware solutions for rail and road vehicles, makes use of the classic innovation theory: Using well-established solutions and merging them into something new. In this case, the top innovator linked video security, passenger counting, Infotainment, fleet and data management. The result is a “real-time-online-bus” that communicates with its headquarters in real-time. Through this, the customers will only need to invest half as much. At the same time, passengers are able to enjoy WLAN and news on the onboard screens, while 3D cameras report the passenger counts to the headquarters. In case of emergency, the video recordings can be transmitted directly.

With innovations like the above mentioned, the 2009-founded company with 34 employees established itself as global market leader in its field. Two thirds of its turnover and profit were generated by the Northern German team with new concepts and innovative improvements, which they launched onto the market before their competitors.

“Innovation is the key to pushing established competitors off the market”, explains CEO Ulrik Rasmussen. “This is why we invest a lot of time and resources into our innovation management. We depend on all our employees with their creative ideas and input. I am proud of my team for being honored with the “Top 100” award.”

Basis for being awarded as “Top 100” company is a two-stepped analysis, developed by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke and his team from the chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. The scientists analyzed the innovation management and the innovation success of medium sized companies with the help of 100 parameters in five categories. Which company gets awarded is solely the decision of the academic direction.

The “Top 100” companies excel: 71 national market leaders and even 31 global market leaders are part of the 100 innovative companies. Together, in the last three years the “Top 100” companies have registered 3405 national and international patents. Around 41 percent of their turnover was generated through innovation and innovative improvements, which they launched onto the market before their competitors (average of medium sized companies in Germany: 6.6 percent). This success is no surprise: The “Top 100” companies invest typically 10.5 percent of their turnover into research and development (average of medium sized companies in Germany: 1.5 percent). Two thirds of the “Top 100” companies are family owned.

Since 1993 compamedia awards the “Top 100” award for exceptional innovation spirit and superior innovation success to medium sized companies. Since 2002, the academic leadership is owned by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke from the chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. The scientist is one of the global leading experts for user innovation. The “Top 100” mentor is science journalist and TV host Ranga Yogeshwar. Project partner is the German Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. As media partner, the magazine “manager magazine” accompanies this company competition.

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