General repair and service conditions
(status 10/2023)

1. By receiving the Return Material Authorization number (RMA no.) and sending in your device, you accept the following service conditions, unless they are explicitly regulated otherwise in a contract with r2p:

2. If articles are beyond warranty or not covered by warranty due to the situation, we will charge a service fee (€ 185,-) for the fault analysis. In case of articles returned without a defined fault description, the service flat rate will be charged for the fault analysis

3. Repair costs will be invoiced (hourly rate € 160.- plus material costs).

4. In principle, cost estimates are non-binding. However, in case the actual costs exceed the estimated costs by more than 10 %, we are obliged to inform you immediately.

5. If a warranty order is placed which during examination turns out to be a case not covered by warranty, the order will be changed into a request for a cost estimate liable to costs. Reference is made to point 2.

6. Repair services performed by r2p showing a deficiency within the warranty period of 6 months after return which has been present at the time of transfer of risk already will be corrected within reasonable time or if decided by r2p performed again free of charge. If the correction or a new repair fails, you may demand the cancellation of the contract or reduction of the repair costs. This also applies, if despite a reasonable period of grace r2p is in delay regarding the correction/new repair. Damage claims are excluded unless we are liable for intent or gross negligence.

7. If you are in delay with the approval, the risk shall pass to you. We are not responsible for an accidental loss of the repair item. The risk shall pass to you as soon as we have dispatched the repair item. In case of rejection of an offer or after the expiry of the validity of an offer of 6 weeks, you instruct us to recycle the item sent by you. If this does not correspond to your wishes, please arrange for a prompt collection or inform us of your forwarding carrier with the freight account to be used.

8. If r2p has to dispose of the device, the service fee of € 185,- rate will be invoiced without any deductions.

9. Warranty claims do not exist in case of deficiencies caused by abnormal handling, non-observance of the user instructions, impact caused by third-party components, natural wear and tear, personal fault or interference by not authorized persons or workshops.

10. After receiving the returned article, the repair item or the spare part delivery must be checked regarding external integrity and functionality immediately. Damages due to transportation must be reported immediately. Spare parts are not taken back by r2p.

11. The repair service will be specified on the invoice according to hours of work and spare parts or charged as a fixed service rate.

12. We will not accept liability for accessories (removable storage media drive, mounting parts, keys or other parts not for repair) sent to us without request.

13. For sent data carrier the following technical and organisational measures apply:

  • Confidential or sensitive data must be marked according their protection class (DIN 66399) by the sender.
  • Data carrier with protection class 1 or higher will be shut away from goods receipt until analysis/repair and from analysis/repair until goods issue. Only employees commissioned with the handling or the analysis/repair will have access to these data carriers.
  • If a data carrier is exchanged at the r2p premises and stays at r2p or if r2p has been commissioned to scrap this data carrier, it will be made mechanically/electronically inoperable (according to DIN 66399 security level H-1 or E-1) and disposed of.

14. If the return address deviates from the sender’s address, the correct return address must be named together with the RMA number/event number.

15. The event number/RMA number shall be valid four weeks after date of issue. If there is no goods receipt within this period, a new number must be requested and the RMA case will be closed.

16. The RMA number must be placed clearly visible on the packaging so that your delivery can be well identified in the incoming goods department.

17. In case some of the above mentioned provisions should be or become invalid, the validity of other provisions shall not be affected. In fact, the ineffective provision shall be replaced by a provision which meets the economic sense of the ineffective provision as close as possible.

18. r2p may use customer data as well as the customer’s product data to check the product and the prove of the distribution channel. r2p will forward these data to third parties only if this is necessary to comply with the law or to prevent or prosecute criminal offences. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hints and explanations regarding the processing of your personal data as customer / business partner can be found here:

Our Terms of Service (AGB) can be found here: