r2p supplies CCTV & APC for 63 Trains of Deutsche Bahn

We are happy to announce a new order from Deutsche Bahn AG (DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung Kassel). r2p will supply 63 trains of the type VT 612 with CCTV and Automatic Passenger Counting systems to be operated in northern Bavaria.

The CCTV system consists of 18 CD9-i cameras and an R16-X Slim recorder per vehicle, equipped with a 2000GB HDD. As CCTV is the prevalent tool to ensure overall safety, this solution contributes extensively to provide a safe journey for Deutsche Bahn’s passengers.

The APC-system, which helps to measure, analyse and improve the entire operation, is an APS-R and an IPC1020. Also, the train ethernet network with two 24 port HIRSCHMANN switches is part of the scope of delivery.

The VT 612 is not just any other train! Built-in 1998 by DB / Bombardier, the VT 612 - also known as Regio Swinger - comes with a tilting technology that allows the train to tilt up to 8 degrees. This perk enables the train to drive into curves with up to 30% more speed, but it also quickly gained cult status among trainspotters and train simulator players because of its sporty driving style.

We are proud to, once again, have been chosen as a supplier for Deutsche Bahn.

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