Automatic Passenger Counting
Turns data into information

Optimise your planning or show passengers where to find a seat. Our passenger counting system will help you to constantly measure, analyse and improve in full operation. The r2p solution not just delivers precise data but also extensive reporting features.

Our passenger counting system also includes the option of connecting video cameras and recording image data. This helps you detect fraud. When you compare counter numbers to ticket machine numbers you can identify differences that can help you claim more revenue from transit agencies, and identify fraud ‘hotspots’. You can also optimize passenger numbers. You can use the detailed data to assess the distance your passengers actually travel, see which parts of your routes make money and which don’t, analyse passenger movements between carriages and to inform claims for concessionary revenues.

  • Integrated Passenger Counting information with Real Time service management so you can see loadings in real time
  • Historic reports that help you identify overloading, fraud and low loading ‘hotspots’
  • 98% data accuracy
  • Web-based analysis system – no special software needed
Accurate data for enhanced analysis
Always have your passenger loads in view. No matter if you need real-time data or historical reports.
Count people, bikes or bags
Our APC sensors, with a data accuracy of 98%, distinguish between adults, children, bikes and bags.
Seamless integration above entrance- and connecting doors
Our APC sensors can be installed above every entrance- and / or connecting door to deliver reliable data, whether you need random measurements or accurate passenger loads.
Set and sync multi-geographical parameters as required for your operation
With our flexible reporting solution for your passenger data you can adjust every single parameter exactly tailored to your needs.
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