Passenger WiFi
For Passengers and Operation

Taking the bus or train to work spares you the troubles of driving in rush-hour, driving in bad weather conditions and finding a parking space. But sitting in the passengers’ compartment instead of driving yourself, gives you something even more valuable: time! Of course, you can use the time to read a book, talk to fellow commuters and relax at the start or the end of the day. But sometimes all you want is to read the news online, reply to an important email or do some shopping online while on the move. Access to a reliable and stable wireless Internet connection will improve immensely on passenger comfort.

Through a specific access to the WIFI your drivers will benefit as well. They can connect a smartphone or tablet to easily make voice, text or pre-recorded announcements. Passenger WIFI adds value to public transport and increases the attractiveness considerably. It can improve your customer satisfaction rate and overall passenger volume.

Multi provider bundling always ensuring the best connection for your Passengers
Why rely on one provider network when you can bundle several of them? Our solution automatically chooses the best connections available and bundels them to offer your the best connection.
Increase passengers satsifaction and even attract new passengers!
Nowadays passenger do expect to have WiFi in Pulic transport vehicles. Continue Working, do some shopping or just Chatting with their friends while driving is one of the major advantages in comparison with drving a car. Use it!
Decreased vandalsim in vehicles with free WiFi!
Studies show that offering free WiFi to your passengers not only increases their satisfaction, it even decreases the damage caused by vandalism - Probably because the bad boys aren't bored so much when streaming videos during travels.
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