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"A tool that has been essential for our growth"
Customerprofile of Herning Turist

Herning Turist operates more than 160 busses and employs a dozen people at the back-office in Herning and 250 drivers in the area of Central Jutland and further south. Herning Turist operates busses for Midttrafik and Sydtrafik.

Transportation is a highly competitive field where return on investment is limited. "Complete control over planning and costs is therefore essential", says Ronny Gasbjerg, who, together with his brother Rune Gasbjerg, is responsible for the day-to-day management of Herning Turist.

When expenditure to salaries approximate half of the total costs it is crucial to have an overview of the drivers' different tasks. - Here, WebTour is a great tool for planning of tasks, emphasises Ronny Gasbjerg. Documentation is essential to provide great service. GPS-tracking reports the locations of the busses and its activities during the day putting an end to situations where passengers' complaints conflict with the drivers' statements. That's why Herning Turist decided to install tracking systems in all busses - "Yes, it is about documentation and surveillance but it is surveillance and documentation to support our drivers. It has saved our drivers many unpleasant situations such as unjustified complaints and fines for alleged breaking driving rules and resting hours", says Ronny Gasbjerg and points out that.

Initial situation

In spring 2017 the bus company Herning Turist won several tenders at Midttrafik surpassing competitors at the stipulated requirements. Ronny Gasbjerg, director of the family business, underlines that without modern IT-systems like GPS-tracking and fleet management the company would not have been able to perform like this and create profit at the same time.

r2p's solution

The software runs on a big screen during office hours so all employees can see where each bus is located in real time. By combining information about bus location, the route and the driver's status - such as hours driven and rest time - the allocation of both, equipment and personnel, can be optimized.

The system deploys three colours to visualise the company's standing and potentials to increase turnover by allocating the buses and drivers more efficiently.




r2p provided Herning Turist with WebTour, GPS-Tracking and EcoTrack solutions.

The WebTour is a modular and customisable route planning software that enables the user to manage a logistics or transport fleet more efficiently. Find out more about WebTour here! GPS-Tracking and EcoTrack are tracking tools that enable the fleet manager to localise and keep an eye on their vehicles.