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r2p is the global market leader for intelligent digital public transport solutions. Not only due to our excellent innovation, but because we believe in working side by side with our customers every step of the way.
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Side by side with our customers - Transparent, reliable and matched to your specific needs!
Through our certified Project managers you get a direct personal voice in our organization. They are amazing at keeping an overview and pulling all the threads to make your project run smoothly.
All Projects are assigned to Project Managers of appropriate level and follow our agile and scalable Project Structure. Our integrated Project Tower dashboard secures that all tasks and Milestones are monitored.
Our Team uses digital tools to monitor all tasks and Milestones as well as looking into the future with our milestone trend analysis that offer both you and our Project Managers complete transparency from start to finish.
Project Success
Successful project management to us means staying with you until your expectations are met. Our full-Service Solution takes the weight off your shoulders and gives you time to focus on the Project’s KPI’s and ROI.