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In public transport the safety of your passengers and drivers is a matter of the utmost importance. Video surveillance or close-circuit television (CCTV) is the prevalent tool to ensure over-all safety and prevent and investigate near misses and actual accidents. Mobile CCTV can also be a crucial factor to help in emergency situations.

Products for CCTV Systems

r2p´s cutting-edge cameras are a perfect fit for your mobile CCTV systems. Our new series CD8 camera for example can focus on four different directions simultaneously. This way the hardware and data amounts are downsized drastically. Furthermore, wiring and installation times will be reduced, and expenses will be minimised.

6, 16 or 36 cameras? Easy! At least for the r2p systems. We have the ideal solution for your vehicles: from the all-round recorder R8-compact to the high-performance recorder R16. Our new hard disk system is even able to record up to four hard drives at the same time. Due to the innovative temperature management both systems can operate within the temperature range of -40°C to + 85°C. A r2p recorder, with the possibility of customised design, will certainly meet all your requirements.

r2p provides you with all necessary software and hardware products to install and use mobile CCTV in your bus or railway vehicles: cameras, encoders, recorders, storage media and monitors all integrated with the r2p HORIZON software. r2p HORIZON is a software platform that integrates all software that is required to operate and manage the r2p solutions and hardware. For CCTV the software offers functions such as live video streaming, video download and status monitoring. Apart from that, we can provide you with CCTV Secure, a feature for additional security of your surveillance data.

r2p offers a variety of hardware and software products to provide you with ideal solutions. If you are interested, please get in touch with us!

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